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Jonathan and Ryan Sanford, proud natives of Oregon, share a deep-rooted connection to their home state. Nestled in Lake Oswego, they embrace life alongside their beloved dog, Lyric. Both passionate individuals, they dedicate their time to coaching at Milwaukie High School, with Ryan also serving as a director at a local dance studio. It is through their work with young athletes that their fervor for offering high-quality dancewear and apparel at affordable prices was ignited.

Vivid Creations emerged from the vision to cater to the apparel needs of the Milwaukie High School Dance Team. Ryan, having been a member of the team during his own high school years, seamlessly transitioned into coaching immediately after graduation. In 2011, he assumed the role of head coach and swiftly identified the necessity to reduce costs for the team. Enter Jonathan, who took on the responsibility of creating custom apparel, driven by the desire to lower expenses for the Milwaukie athletes. What initially began as a practical solution soon blossomed into a creative outlet and a shared passion.

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