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Reliable items for every occasion, ensuring style meets durability for every need.

Imagine a world without our vendors – it'd be like a movie without popcorn, a beach without waves, or a taco without the guac! These folks are the MVPs of our business, delivering top-notch products with the kind of reliability that puts your favorite pair of socks to shame. They're the secret sauce behind our success, the magic ingredient that keeps our shelves stocked and our customers smiling.

Whether it's a new cheer unifrom, team warm ups, travel outfits, team gifts and more, our vendors come through like champions, making sure we're always armed and ready for whatever adventure comes our customers way. So here's to our vendors – the real superheroes of our business story, making sure we're never caught without the good stuff. Cheers to you!

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  • Dehen Cheer
  • SanMar
  • Momentec Brands

Dehen Cheer- The Original Cheerleading Company

Dehen Knitting Company was founded in 1920 by William Peter Dehen, a German immigrant to Oregon. Some of the company’s earliest markets were for high school varsity sweaters followed by school uniforms and varsity letterman jackets in the 50’s and 60’s.


The company made its first cheerleading uniforms in the early sixties (all wool sweaters, skirts, and knee high socks). Cheer uniforms were manufactured in Dehen’s name as well as private label for other prominent cheer companies. Since then, the Dehen Cheer division of our company has continued its reputation for high quality and excellent value. The business remains family owned and operates its own manufacturing facility in Portland, Oregon. Today, well into our tenth decade, Dehen continues a tradition of quality manufacturing while actually producing our goods in Portland. Value is built into every garment that Dehen makes. Over the last 90 years there have been many changes, not the least of which was the pressure for companies to move manufacturing outside the United States. Even when times got tough, not once did we waver in our approach and commitment. We are proud of our company, our employees and our continued resilience over so many years in business. We refuse to compromise on the methods and ideals honed over the past 96 years, while accepting the challenge to keep moving forward.

SanMar-"Together, for Good."


SanMar has been doing business this way since Marty Lott launched the company from the basement of a Seattle office building in 1971. Back then he had a simple mission: Be Nice and Tell the Truth. As a family-owned business, those values are just as important today as they were then.


We work together with screenprinters, embroiderers, athletic dealers and promotional companies to tell countless stories through apparel. We’ve seen over the years how what we do matters in the lives of others, from those who make our products to those who wear them.

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It’s true that we make and sell t-shirts, as well as polos, tank tops, fleece, jackets and more. But what we’re really doing is making meaningful connections that elevate lives.When you put on your favorite shirt you become a part of something: a club, a team, a school, a company or a movement. This creates a connection that brings people together – not just the people around you but also the people who made that shirt you’re wearing, the person who placed the logo on it and the communities that support them.These connections reach beyond our employees, partners and customers. They impact organizations, individuals and the world we all live in, and extend back more than 50 years to a business philosophy that has held true since day one. 

Momentec Brands-“Outfitting Moments that Matter.”

Momemntic Brands i, Formally "Augusta Sportswear" is driven by a mission to inspire a physically fit lifestyle, healthy families, and connected communities. As a leading designer, manufacturer, and marketer of high-performance activewear and spirit wear for teams, coaches, athletes, fans & corporate needs, our family of brands offers a complete source for performance and athletic apparel and uniforms from head to toe.

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Rooted in a deep history of being a reliable, go-to source for quality athletic apparel at the best value in the industry. From team uniforms to training gear to fanwear, Augusta Sportswear's product selection aims to be an all-encompassing brand for value athletic apparel. As an industry leader, Augusta Sportswear prides itself on offering the widest range of colors, sizes, and styles at the best value.


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